We are continually striving to improve throughput efficiencies in both administrative and shop floor activities. Through the results of lean studies, our shop floor is made up of self sufficient work cells which are configured to complete all tasks within: machining, inspection, shop and out plant paperwork and assembly.

Our core capabilities include Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) technology for maximum true "lights out" efficiency. Another core capability is high speed machining of extruded shape & bar where we have equipment with automated loading and feeding systems.

Our hard metal machining FMS consists of (3) 4-Axis horizontal machining centers with 36 pallet loading system and produce titanium nacelle door and hard metal attachment fittings. In fact one of our core competencies is the machining of titanium.

Our aluminum machining FMS when fully configured consists of (4) identical 5-Axis CNC machines and a (44) pallet loading system. These machines produce wing rib components and other complex shaped parts from forged block and plate.

Our sheet metal fabrication cell also supports our customer's short flow spares and aircraft conversion programs. Capabilities include hydro forming, roll forming, stamping, hot & cold joggling and stretching/shrinking of extrusions and sheet.

We work with our customers to develop kitting techniques designed to reduce their factory inventory levels. Our kits are designed as "process specific", tailored to suit the mechanics specific needs. We kit in specially designed containers that orient the parts to the aircraft/product insulation location. Examples of this are the 737 & 777 programs where we deliver daily to the factory floor; each kit consists of high volume parts in a variety of sheet metal and machined components.

We have a full range of assembly capability which includes riveting, bearing staking & swaging, bushing installation, proof load testing, sealant application and a complete line of aircraft fastener installation.

We have the skills and have developed systems to manage a supply chain. We manage sub-contract for manufacturing, metal finishing, raw material and hardware. Outsourced product is received for quality inspection at our facility and then packaged for delivery to customer specifications.