Royell is committed to quality, and is a registered AS9100C company. Our quality program incorporates Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools and carries approvals by global aerospace primes. All external quality and internal cost of quality results are posted monthly for all our company employees to review. Audited quality policies, procedures, and work instructions are accessible to all of our employees through our internal system.

The two elements that stabilize the production process are our Standard Work Plans (SWP), and our Self Inspection Check Sheets (SICS). Every part on the shop floor has a SWP. The SWP is a visual work instruction. The SWP shows how to setup fixtures and how to load parts in those fixtures. It shows tool by tool how the part is machined. Special instructions and critical features are highlighted to bring attention to them and help prevent mistakes.

Quality Control continues on the shop floor where we have developed SICS as visual instructions on how to inspect parts at the machine, and document the results. The SICS do not replace but enhance inspection by Quality Assurance (QA) so that problems caught at the earliest point are kept to a minimum. Since QA can focus on checking the features best suited for the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), it also lessens the workload on QA.

To facilitate the usage of SICS, each manufacturing cell has an inspection station. The inspection station consists of all the inspection equipment needed to inspect the part to the SICS. The station is organized so the inspection tools are easy to locate and use.

Final Inspection of complex parts requires CMM inspection therefore our main inspection cell includes a fully programmable CMM with a 60" x 30" capacity. The process of inspecting a part on the CMM is much like the process of machining a part on the CNC machine tool. Like the machinist's work cell, QA also has a SWP. The SWP shows how to load the part on the CMM the exact same way greatly reducing setup time with these visual instructions.