Our lean journey encompasses all that we have achieved through our best lean practices combined with our own wireless and web based management tools. We keep static inventory of parts and materials to an absolute minimum. We manage this by merging administrative and shop floor functions and making them visible. The entire operation is largely a web enabled system with information available at any internal or external location from the bid process through the final delivery to our customers' factory floor.

An example lean practice is our Standard Work Plan

Implementing visual standard work plans for machinists, point of use check lists, and other visual instructions has helped us hold our process improvement gains. Critical process milestones are documented and adhered to each time the part is run: Tool preset information, machine setup processes, critical tooling changeovers, and inspection plans. Visual instructions are important so that our operators achieve rapid mental changeovers from operation to operation and part to part. Standard work plans significantly improve quality and reduce costs.

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